Study visit in Tirana and Elbasan

December 18, 2018

On 11-14 December, 2018, a group of teachers, teaching staff and young activists were on a study visit to Albania. This visit was organized in cooperation with EU SIMRAES 2 and PROSPECT + projects.
During a visit to two schools in Tirana accommodating also children from Roma and Egyptian communities, the guests were introduced by the school management staff with their practices to better integrate children from these communities, address their needs and especially ongoing efforts to bring back those who drop out of school. A visit was also paid to some classrooms were the teaching process and classroom management was observed.
The meetings were held with three civil society organizations that are committed to improving the situation of Roma and Egyptian communities. Representatives of these organizations presented their advocacy experiences with institutions in addressing housing, education and other issues for these communities.
The visits were also made to settlements of Roma and Egyptian communities in Tirana and Elbasan. There, guests were introduced directly to the living conditions of these residents and informed by the residents of the difficulties they face.

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